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NYC Green House is an HPD program designed to help building owners reduce the amount of water used by the residents as well as the water used to operate their buildings.  Whether renovating units, replacing mechanicals or maintaining these residential buildings, NYC Green House provides access to tax credits, rebates and incentives that help lower water usage, as well as some easy tips for residents and maintenance staff that can lower your water bills.

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Install a green roof -- lower heating and cooling costs 

A green roof can lower the heating and cooling costs for your building. A green roof is a layered system with a soil medium, and carefully selected low-maintenance plants. You can grow herbs, flowers and create a relaxing space for residents. The City of New York is implementing partial tax abatements to help you recoup some of the cost of constructing a green roof.


Utilize street trees, planters or rain gardens to effectively manage stormwater

Keep the front of your building shaded and protected.  Take care of the street trees along your property line and on sidewalks near your building.  Planters or rain gardens along your property line and in courtyards can help absorb some of the rainwater that collects on your property.


Request a free street tree – it helps manage stormwater on your block

The Parks Department plants street trees, free-of-charge, on sidewalks in front of homes, apartment buildings, and businesses in all five boroughs. In order to request a free street tree please use the Parks Department’s forestry service request system.


Keep gutters clean and clear to prevent floods

Are the gutters on your building in good condition? Their purpose it to keep rainwater away from your building, protecting walls, windows and foundations. Make sure to clean them seasonally and check the gutters after any major weather event.