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NYC Green House is an HPD program designed to help building owners reduce the amount of water used by the residents as well as the water used to operate their buildings.  Whether renovating units, replacing mechanicals or maintaining these residential buildings, NYC Green House provides access to tax credits, rebates and incentives that help lower water usage, as well as some easy tips for residents and maintenance staff that can lower your water bills.

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Fix leaks to prevent water damage

Fixing leaks is crucial to preserving ceilings, walls and flooring, lighting, and electrical systems. If a resident reports a leak, follow the leak to its source--whether it’s a hole in the roof or siding, a broken window, or a pipe that’s been nicked.


Prevent mold by keeping water out of the building 

Prevent mold before it gets out of control. Leaks from roofs, interior plumbing, caulk or grout that’s in disrepair can cause mold to grow in your floors and walls. Once you’ve sealed any leaks, use a mold-inhibiting product to clean and protect the area. Learn more at the EPA’s webpage: A Brief Guide to Mold, Moisture, and Your Home.